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Apple: please add these features to the iPhone-Firmware

Dieser Eintrag ist ausnahmsweise auf Englisch, weil der Adressat englisch spricht.

iPhone 3G - Wrapper :-)@Apple: the iPhone 3G is an overwhelming success worldwilde. You should begin to integrate firmware upgrades in your commercials and produce even higher numbers. When Nokia develops a new feature, they produce a new mobile phone that needs to be bought by the users and advertise for it. You could just advertise for your new firmwares and what they bring to the iphone.

In Britain, your ads about being able to explore the whole internet with the iPhone were forbidden, as it doesn’t support java and flash. Both are being developed by other companies, same as a navigation software – and all three are very impacting reasons to buy a smartphone. Even a firefox for iPhone is possible. You hope to develop all the missing software yourself. But you shouldn’t do that. If you would give these other companies their share, the iPhone will sell MUCH better, while you can expect most people to keep the default software as most users won’t be the customizer-types. And the customizers jailbreak the device anyways. Just accept other implementations and care for these parts of the iPhone that would help selling it even better:

  • an error-free firmware
  • better 3G connection
  • mails writable in landscape-mode
  • a bluetooth manager for using bluetooth-based data transfer and to use…
  • additional equipment like a foldable bluetooth-connectable keyboard (which would definitely make it the no. 1 phone for business worldwide)

Thanks for your attention, Apple.

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