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Big Fonts and Clean Design

Using a big fontsize for a blog makes it better readable, especially in times of smartphone websurfing. And this is the main purpose of a blog, getting read. But there’re more advantages.

First, the author (thats me) get to concentrate on the content more. We all know that content is king, but when you’re having all these neat JavaScript and jQuery scriplets flying around, and pictures and badges and links all over the place, its easy to get distracted from that principle. The author also must not fear now, that his post is too small or too undiscoverable to make an impact on his own site, as every post is really BIG now.

Second, with less clutter on the page, the reader can better concentrate on the content. Additionally, the load times are faster, as most JavaScript does something that needs additional HTTP-requests, and thats bad for loading times. Faster loading times means less annoyed readers too. Also the rest of your blogs links and scripts are seen more, as there’s less noise. As I use a related posts-plugin, this means more readers can discover the content they look for more easily.

Whats up next: Having new motivation, there’s a lot to write about. I’ll try to optimize my blog more by decluttering it even more (I’ll make a static page for my recommendations, e. g. blogs, podcasts, posts, software and so on) and I’ll list up my new plugins and tell you why they’re AWESOME. I’ll also have a second look at the plugins I got, and maybe choose some that make the site load faster. That said, I’ll also analyse how I can make the site load faster in general. And look upon how you can blog easier by using simple GTD principles. Stay tuned.

Update: I just included a new font and reduced the font-size for not too big fonts. What you you think? Will post soon about using the new @font-face css styles and the problems with it on different browsers and with CSS compressing plugins.

3 thoughts on “Big Fonts and Clean Design

  1. I like the new clean layout, however I don’t like the big font. Always have the feeling the site is zoomed and I need to scroll. But overall very neat

  2. agree on Daniels view. The Font is too big. It feels like I am having a poor eyesight. Maybe a blog should differentiate between Smartphones and PC´s? Because the pc-visitor can easily make the font bigger and easier to read.


  3. Hmmm … okay I get that. I like that its big, but on big monitorsizes it may seem gigantic. I’ll see if I can find the script that deals with the text size and limit that a bit.

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