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Chuck Norris Programmer Facts

Chuck Norris was the special outside referee f...Image via Wikipedia

Recompiled this list from this article and the comments:

  • Chuck Norris can delete the Recycling Bin.
  • Chuck Norris burst the dot com bubble.
  • Chuck Norris doesn’t need a debugger, he just stares down the bug until the code confesses.
  • Chuck Norris can solve the Towers of Hanoi in one move.
  • Chuck Norris can access private methods.
  • Chuck Norris’ keyboard has 2 keys: 0 and 1.
  • Chuck Norris finished World of Warcraft.
  • Chuck Norris can instantiate an abstract class.
  • Chuck Norris can write infinite recursion functions…and have them return.

Some more that I rewrote or made up:

  • Chuck Norris doesn’t need to login. He just enters.
  • Chuck Norris can send files with Twitter.
  • Chuck Norris can break any encryption using a Brute Force attack.
  • Every System accepts that Chuck Norris is automatically super user.
  • Chuck Norris can send you private messages on twitter without following you.
  • Chuck Norris doesn’t need comments – you wouldn’t understand his code anyways.
  • Chuck Norris can roundhouse kick you from anywhere using SSH.
  • Chuck Norris doesn’t use a mouse – he uses a rat.
  • When Chuck Norris codes, he sweats coffee.
  • When you try to hack Chuck’s Homepage, your computer shuts down.
  • Chuck invented the Bluescreen of Death.
  • Chuck Norris can actually SPEAK assembler.
  • Chuck Norris programmed the Machines from “The Matrix“.
  • When you google Chuck Norris, you won’t find results because Google respects Chuck’s privacy.
  • Chuck Norris calls YouTube “MyTube”.

5 thoughts on “Chuck Norris Programmer Facts

  1. I have checked that one: “■When you google Chuck Norris, you won’t find results because Google respects Chuck’s privacy.” Its seems he is realy almighty :)

  2. Guess how Microsoft came on top,
    Chuck Norris single handedly eliminated the competition.

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