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Tribute To Guitarist Pat Martino - Scan 03 07Criticism – its the only way we can learn, as we usually think we do everything quite well if noone tell us that this is not the case. We all should be grateful if we get criticised, even if the first impulse is “hey – it has a reason I’m doing it this way” or “who are you to tell me I’m wrong?”. Only if you get told that you have an ill way of doing something you can understand that there are better ways.

I lately got criticizm for the way I write (in the comments). My content is too unstructured, too badly laid out and sometimes incomprehensible. I think that is true, and I think I have to embrace these comments. So I’ll try to write more clearly, more to-the-point and better structured from now on.

Sadly, my writing workflow is sort of different. When I have the motivation to sit down and write, it usually comes flowing out and I don’t use much time after the actual writing to sort everything or rewrite stuff thats sounds bad. And I also don’t plan much ahead of how the content has to be structured. And I may add, that English is not my mother’s tongue, so I may often pick the wrong words or phrases or might just build sentences that may sound weird.

But never mind my self-pity: I’ll just go on writing, and if people don’t like it – well. I’ll get better at writing at some point in time, even if it’s not now.Thanks for the insights, hope I can get better.
Creative Commons License photo credit: Mikey G Ottawa

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