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Well, I just thought about whether I should buy an iPhone 4 or an Android based system and decided for the iPhone. But when I listened to other people for their thoughts about this, I often see that they don’t really need a smartphone.

Nesting DollsSo, before you think about which model to buy, try to figure our what you need that for. Do you want it to call people and send text messages? To wake you up in the morning and listen to music? Take a picture from time to time? Then don’t buy a smartphone – the much cheaper Sony Walkman models or some phones from Nokia will be just fine for you. Do you spend your time on the workplace PC or at home where your PC is constantly running? No need for a smartphone.

A smartphone needs a more expensive priced mobile plan and is very expensive in general. So if you need a smartphone, accept that it will be expensive. Therefore, you should plan ahead what you are going to do with the small computer in your pocket – and if you only find reasons like “oh well I’ll surf the web on the busride”, then I believe you should better buy a book.

Smartphones have the capability to be your mobile data center – and I think this is the main use case. Besides, having mobile E-Mail and other means of communications at hand, like IM or Twitter, is the second biggest use case. After that, you may not forget that a smartphone should replace your MP3-player, your notebook, your calendar, your shopping-lists, the books you carry around and in a very fortunate situation even the netbook you only take with you to do exactly what a smartphone can do for you.

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2 thoughts on “Do you need a Smartphone? Or just want one?

  1. Hmm, mir ist mal eben noch eine Idee gekommen, die du in diesen Artikeln nicht bedacht hast, war ja auch nicht dein primärer Hintergrund…
    Man kann sich auch einfach einen Ipod touch kaufen, unabhängig vom Telefon.
    Man hat dann fast alle Dinge, die ein Iphone auch hat und zahlt wesentlich weniger. ;-)
    Zumindest wird das wohl meine Option bei diesen Überlegungen. Ist zwar ein Gadget mehr, aber ob ich nun wie bisher meinen alten mp3 player mitnehmen, oder aber nen ipod touch ist auch egal.

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