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Flattr – Critizism, and what they should do about it

Tante followed up my post about Flattr by summing up some critizism and comments about Flattr. I got some statements for these and some more critizism for you.

Well some statements to Tante’s post:

  • People don’t earn money by blogging anyways. There are more people getting rich by winning a lottery than people who can make a living with blogging. Therefore, blogging doesn’t earn you much money with Flattr too, but maybe enough so that you can give that away to Flattr other people.
  • This way, the money pools at the guys that are already “big”. This really sucks.
  • Tante also summed up, that there should be a way to Flattr people who don’t use Flattr. This is not possible technically of course as they couldn’t determine who gets the money and as there would be transmission taxes if the money doesn’t get transferred into their own system but outwards. But there should be a way for people to register at Flattr and flattr random people by entering those people’s E-Mail or Twitter name and the website for which the flattery is made, so that Flattr can connect to the flattered person telling him that he was flattered and that he can open up an account to recieve this flattery.

Some more critizism:

  • For this reason, it should and MUST be possible to register without putting in money using a Twitter name, an E-Mail and random “things” – so you could recieve flattery and pass it on.
  • They do this “you must put money” now, as this way the whole thing can be financed, but I really hope they don’t force you when they come out of their beta.
  • To combat the problem of the big money pools that the popurlar blogs would create if they used flattr, the value you give each month should be dependent on what you earn via flattr.
  • Flattr is technically not the best there could be. Their plugin places iframes on my page, which slows loading times a lot.Please update your WordPress plugin with a JavaScript that calles a cross-domain JavaScript if the div or the (included!) image is clicked. This would speed up things a lot.

6 thoughts on “Flattr – Critizism, and what they should do about it

  1. I’ve seen a lot of people critisizing flattr, based on what they expect other people will be flattring. In your case, “The big bloggers will take all the money”.

    I can’t really see this critisism as legitimate. When I click the button, I am chosing to donate money to this person, who are you to say that sucks? It just strikes me as pure envy on your part. Besides, if there was not some ‘pooling’ of money, and everyone gave exactly what they recieved, what would be the point?

    The only cause for concern I can see based on what people will be flattring is is deliberate scams such as passing other peoples stuff off as your own. I can’t see this critisism fatal though. Just don’t flattr indescriminantly, there’s a risk for scams with anything involving money online.

    As for everybody having to pay, it’s very deliberate, in an ideological egalitarian spirit. They don’t want there two be two seperate classes of creaters and consumers. Think of that what you want, but I doubt it will change.

    Anyway, I doubt that flattr incomes will amount to any more than beer money for anyone, at least in the near future. And this is fine. I wouldn’t want to rely on flattr for a living, people are fickle, it would be a very unstable income source.

  2. I just replied on another post where I said I would get back to you, so here I am.
    Even though you clearly stated here that your commentator had a good point you didn’t seem to take it to heart. Since you went all bitch mode in the other thread. But that’s beside the point.
    I really wish Agge here had an account/blog attached to him so I could show him my appreciation.

    My tips to you after having looked around on your site a bit: add a Flattr button on your sidebar as well, for the entire site. It draws attention and then later people will be aware they can flattr you, before finishing reading your posts.
    Invite your friends to flattr! You have 3 invites waiting for you in your account.
    Oh and be clever, add the flattrcomments plugin as well! ;)

  3. Not sure if it will be nice of me to add that I think the way you wrote the post about flattr, which would have gotten a lot more flattrs if you had put some effort into how you wrote it, could have been better.
    Work on structure, present what you want to say better, and easier to read. I get dizzy when I try and read it. Your points could be structured a lot better.

    Oh and how is the traffic to your site? This should be generally considered as well for if you will get flattrd or not!

    I really hope that some of these things I wrote will come in handy for you! :)

  4. Hey, somehow your comment was spammed. Thanks for the tips, maybe I’ll try some of those. And whoa, I didn’t know I write too confusing, but well, I’ll try to get better.

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