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iPad – Better wait till iPhone OS 4.0 is here

Just read through some articles on the iPad, Apples new touch-tablet-device. These are my thoughts.

CON: I don’t want Apple‘s iPad for the following reasons:

– I got a laptop, an iPhone and an e-book reader.

– The diplay is not e-ink – reading books on it therefore just doesn’t do it.

– It doesn’t fit in my pocket. Its not a phone nor a MP3-device.

– It uses the iPhone’s OS. But when I use a computer, I want multitasking. And I won’t want to have no mouse.


– It has a decent resolution for games. The iPod touch / iPhone is already very sucessful, but it has enough space to make complex input fields possible. The iPad can do that. It will be a game machine, I hereby predict.

– It has the “I could buy it my mother, and she’d use a computer for the first time”-effect. It will be a great gift. This is maybe the most impressive factor.

– The programs Apple delivers with it are touch-optimized. But that won’t mean they’re better.


Who needs an iPod touch that won’t fit into your pocket? Who needs a touch laptop without multitasking? Nuff said, lets wait for the iPhone OS 4 and what it brings to the iPad, because after all they’re running a standard iPhone OS without iPad optimizations. I guess there will be more usecases after the update, but at the time being I won’t buy one even if the price was 100$. Well, maybe as a present for my mom. Here are some more interesting links by Zemanta …

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