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Json.NET and Serializing only base class properties

I was just working with Json.NET in C# and was looking for a solution to create a JSON-String from an object where I only wanted to put in the properties of the base type, as I have stored subtypes in memory which contain additional ViewModel properties that were unneeded as I only needed the business data. As I didn’t find anything fitting via Google, I researched how to build a custom ContractResolver that only serializes the Properties belonging to my business model class type T:

public class DerivedTypeFilterContractResolver<T> : 
  protected override JsonProperty CreateProperty(
        MemberInfo member, 
        MemberSerialization memberSerialization)
    JsonProperty property = base.CreateProperty(
         member, memberSerialization);
    if (property.DeclaringType == typeof(T))
        property.ShouldSerialize =
          instance => false;
    return property;

2 thoughts on “Json.NET and Serializing only base class properties

  1. Hello, this works only for simple objects, when the object contains nested object, those object are ignored
    public ObjectA : BaseA
    public NestedObject nestedObject {get; set;}

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