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Back to Work is my newest favourite podcast of the mighty 5by5 network. When it’s over I’m always like “Damn, I want more!”. As there’re not enough Merlin, I converted some of the tech-talks that Merlin Mann gave with the nice service of … if the site wouldn’t crash everytime you converted a video, it would be even better :-)

They seem to generate permalinks for the converted audiofiles. So if you listen to podcasts from time to time … here are the links. If the links don’t work anymore, give the site some time to come back up (or drop a comment).

Merlin Mann – Who moved my brain? (28.49MB .mp3)

Merlin Mann – Toward Patterns for Creativity – Macworld (25MB .mp3)

Webvisions 2010 Keynote – Merlin Mann: “Bold Ideas and Insane Possibilities” (25MB .mp3)

Inbox Zero (Merlin Mann)  (GoogleTechTalks) (26,84MB .mp3)

Merlin Mann on Time and Attention (Getting Things Done) (GoogleTechTalks) (32.37MB .mp3)

Oh by the way, if you need a nice Windows tool for downloading music or videos for Windows, try our Youtube Song Downloader (from Abelssoft, where I’m working at). It’s really a very nice piece of software.

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