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My Blog gets old + iPhone Touchscreen writing

I just got up from bed and wanted to Write à Blog post via the wordpress iPhone App. Why? Because i like Typing on the iPhone Keyboard very much. In fact, I Must Object to the critisizers of the iPhone virtual Keyboard that they’re plain wring about this. Typing goes fast in landscape Mode, you get haptic, Visual and Audio feedback from your keystrokes, which is Way more than à Hardware Keyboard would get You and you get à Typing correction that Works just Fine when You’re writing the correct Language, which isn’t what I’m doing now and therefore I put the uncorrected Version here As à document of what Happens when You write an english post on à German iPhone.

Uuhm. Back to the Point: my wordpress Blog wasn’t updated Forever, As they didn’t have that nice upgrading stuff in there when I First used and installed it on my server some Years ago. I didn’t think it would Be necessary to Ever update, As my Blog wasn’t à Center of reader’s attentions anyways. But Not being able to post directly from an iPhone without using e-Mail ( which is what I’m doing right now) is Kinda sad, as the wordpress app only works with blogs of version 2.7 and higher. Therefore i Hope I can Be doing an update or à Complete reinstallation of my Blog soon, in Case i find some hours during my easter holidays. A new major version of wordpress is ahead anyways. And especially, I Hope that wordpress got à Bit faster since Version 2.5 or whatever I used there. Cause loading Times here on ithoughts are à pain, and I’m Aware of that. Sorry for that. See you Next time. Oh, you can keep all the typos you find here.

In retrospect, the english stuff didn’t make too many errors, right? It took about double the time to write this than on an actual (laptop)-keyboard.

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