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RDFa Editor Presentation

I just finished my final presentation as the finishing-line for my studies in computer science. I wrote about the inclusion of a RDFa-Editor in a blogsystem, where a user can include semantic annotations in their posts. The goal was to create a tool for editors that would enable them to enrich the posts they make with individual semantic markup. Its mainly focused on usability and is based on the WYMeditor and two servlets. It should be easily portable and perhaps this can be an inspiration for CMS-vendors, so normal people without domain-knowledge (in RDF and Ontologies) will be able to post semantic markup for their contents.

The presentation is made with the flash-tool of and is completely in GERMAN. You can find it shared here. Let it first load the media before you go on watching. If you experience lags, you can download the more smoothly runningoffline-exe-file.

If someone needs a translation, I might invest the hour of work doing so (just post a comment). This is the presentation … click on the forward button to move forwards, in the downloaded version you’ll find the forwards/backwards-butons in the lower right corner and can also use standard powerpoint-presentors:

I hope you like the idea – and I hope that the semantic web world gets more usable for “usual people”, otherwise it might not come to reality for many more years. If you’re interested in the thesis, let me know.

2 thoughts on “RDFa Editor Presentation

  1. Hi, I found your editor very interesting. I am working on a same project ( to create an RDFa editor. Is there any online demo of your editor? Is there any article in english which describes the features of your editor?

  2. Uhh, not really. I’ll have a look if I can find the source code lying around somewhere. It’s just an addon to the WYGIWYM-Editor. Inside the presentation there’s an embedded video somewhere where you can see how it works … it’s bound to an API on and just annotates which objects are meant by certain text.

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