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Selling your Macbook – Deleting the Harddisk

When I looked for help how to sell my Macbook Air with Lion from the AppStore privately, delete my data while having a usable OS X for the buyer ready, I got a lot of crap links on Google. As I’m the product manager of FileWing, a PC-Windows program to securely delete data from harddisks, I was also very curious how to securely delete my data on the old mac.

Macbook Air with Apple restore drive running Disk Utility

Turns out, it’s VERY EASY. Get your package your Mac came with. In there, you’ll find a USB Stick or a DVD with your original OS X version on it. Put it in. An install app will pop up, and this tells you to click a button to restart your Mac.

In the UI coming up, search the top menu for “Disk Utility”. Select your hard disk and go to Delete. Then pick at least the 7-times overwriting security option and delete your harddisk. After that reinstall from your USB drive or DVD. Boom, done, secure.

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