Upgrade your Brain

“Tell me the truth motherf**ker” Clawfinger sing on my harddisk from time to time. Well, the Clawfinger guys are pretty grown up, but most people are not. Sadly, people can’t – and won’t – cope with the truth. Everyday, they build their reality and when something doesn’t fit in, they just find their explanation to make it fit in. “That other way of seeing this is weird.” – “My way is correct” – “I’m not the one with problems here”

But when you see someone is plain wrong, what do you tell him? Do you provoke a conflict, hoping that the person thinks about the ways things really are? Do you risk to give the person a reason to hate you, because to effectively tell him “There’s something wrong with your perception, so change who you are” – also adding that you don’t like the persons view on things?

Does this all sound cryptic to you? Well, of course there’s something behind it, that I won’t put out here, but in the end its just the question: Do you know when to lie? And to which extent? Talking the truth is easy, but not without punching everyone in the face while you do it.

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