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To usual people, it’s often hard to understand why nerds and especially developers often are pretty critical about the way you Google, the texteditor you write in, the way you find that funny link you want to show off or how you do the various tasks at hand on your computer. You want something done and just do it the way you know it and a minute later, your problem is solved, your Google search has found a page that you now browse for the information you need; your Word file contains the screenshot you just took or whatever. Meanwhile, the computer nerds besides you rolls on the flood, apparently died of old age or many from the agony of watching you do what you just did.

fast fingersWhy is it that way? Developers work on their computer the entire day.You’re trying to use the tools they use all the day, and they always know a better and faster or more effective way to solve your problem.They’ve solved that problem 1000 times more than you, and for them saving 30 seconds if a big time benefit.

And using those better ways is like wearing a watch when you never did so before. It feels strange first, often you don’t realize it could help you, but then, you find enough situations where the quick glance on the watch is really much more convenient than getting out your phone buiried in your pocket, klicking a button and waiting the screen to apprear, only to have to lock the screen after that and putting the phone in its safe position.

Creative Commons License photo credit: KatieKrueger

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