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  • Twitter threads are often made up with numbers 1) 2) 3) or with “…” or “(Thread)”. Ugly, and wastes space.
  • Oftentimes you also only realise after some replies to yourself that it’s a thread or will become one. 
  • You seldomly know, when it’s over, or if you get something RT’ed from the middle, where it began.
  • But mostly, you never get anything retweeted from the thread maker, as they tweets are ugly because of the numbering of tweets. 
  • Usually, you learn about threads from someone else who just tweets “Thread about #something [link to first threadtweet]”. These guys then get lots of RTs because that is a valid thing when you want to RT the entire thread without retweeting every single tweet.

This sucks. I would like to propose the following format:

  • Begin tweeting, one by one, always answering on the Tweet before.
  • Don’t use “Thread” or numbering.
  • You can use short tweets that might be nice by themselves, there’s no need to use the full 280 characters.
  • When you’re finished, the final tweet also should answer towards the last tweet of the thread, contain the word “Thread” as well as a #topic hashtag and a link to the first tweet of the thread. Adding how many tweets are in the thread, a headline, or other metadata here might help.
  • This tweet then is the last tweet of the thread, links to the first one and is also the tweet to be retweeted for others.

Link for the German Twitterthread to this post.

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