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Utopire – Coding a Browsergame with Java

I’ve got a new hobby. Its called Utopire and is a browsergame. Its basically a clone of “Utopia” which was run by Swirve till it made no more profit and was ported from perl to php by some clueless fans. The new people (and PHP) made the game suck more than ever, but as the concept of the game is simple & great, I decided to rewrite it.

I’m using Struts2, Hibernate + MySQL for that, with jQuery added to JSPs for frontend flavour. So far, everything’s nicely set up. For the timing, I’ll resort to the Quartz-library.

As this is pretty time-consuming, I don’t know when I’ll have something testable or mentionable, but its fun so far and I’ll let you know. By the way, doing a lot of blogposts is also pretty time-consuming … I guess it could be called a hobby, too. But at least I now have a good method of doing this in time.

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