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Barack Obama: An American Portrait
Being the elite is a bad thing, we know that since Rage Against The Machine debuted sometime around 1990.

But who is the elite today? In fact, I often think the elite are those people still evolving. What means who are willing to not only keep their way of living and consume but who are constantly trying to make everything in their lives a bit better and keep changing for good. And even if you define the elite as this presumably usual way of living, its unbelievably small.

Look at your parents: do they still change? What about your friends? Your teachers? I think there’s only one constant of success: change. If you change, you seldomly will change your life to be worse. Therefore, you should embrace change, look actively what you can change and change often.

My take of the elite is, that its pretty easy to be part of it, and that EVERYONE can be part of the elite. Stop the fear, the complacence, conservationalism. Just change. Its not that hard.

Creative Commons License photo credit: tsevis

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